Black Pink drop solo teasers for Rose and Jisoo for “Square Up”


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 23.21.51Blinks everywhere rejoice! Black Pink has officially dropped the first two members solo teasers for their new mini album “Square up”. The first two teasers dropped are for members Rose and Jisoo and the song “Forever Young” Is highlighted in the videos. Check them out below and prepare to have your minds blown!




How I love and adore my

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Roses and Jisoo’s teasers tease the single “Forever Young” and OMFG this song sounds absolutely incredible. This is why Black Pink is in my top 5 and if it weren’t for Red Velvet they’d be number 1 :p Please have  YG concert in London some point please :p




MY BODY IS NOT READY! ❤ Especially for when Jennie Kim’s teaser is released, that girl just does things to me 😛 If it’s not obvious Jennie is my bias of Black Pink and I am a full hearted Blink. Just knowing that they are soon to be releasing an official mini album, just know that I will be pre-ordering myself a physical copy and unboxing it over on my channel “I AM CAM.” I do eventually want to have some interaction with Woman of Song and I AM CAM going on in the future!



Its been so long since the release of “As if its your last”



that I’m so ready now for when BlackPink drops this mini album on the 16th June 2018!!!! That’s a special day for Blinks everywhere and from just the teasers already I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait for this to come out! Expect a reaction when its released on my Youtube Channel!


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When the next two teasers drop for Lisa and my baby Jennie Kim ❤ We will have them for you right here on a place where women are celebrated in music “Women of Song”!!!




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