[NEWS!] former sixteen contestant Lee Chaeyyon is on Produce 48!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13JYP trainee Shin Yuna rumored trainee to be part of JYP’s next big girl group project is appearing and competing on MNET’s new season Produce 48. Former sixteen contestant Lee Chaeyon (previously signed to JYP) is also on this season


She instantly impressed me and also seemingly the judges on the show, JYP knows how to train idols with talent! Chaeyon is soooo talented. Hopefully, she is resigned to JYP after this show! She is currently signed to WM entertianment and lord knows why JYP dropped her as a traineee because she is amazing! It could have been a real winner for JYP’s upcoming planned Japanese girl group. She is gaining a lot of attention for following Kim Chunga’s footsteps as this season’s Dance Queen!




Lee Chaeyon is now a stan for me on produce 48, alongside the likes of Fromis 9’s Yang Gyuri, and After Schools Lee KaEun. my three stans btw, along with Sakura so make it four stans! :p


I’m for sure on team  WM and Pledis for Produce 48. There are so many talented potentials for the final line up this year, especially with JYPs plans for an all Japanese girl, girl group It would make sense for one of his trainees if not the two I stan to make the final lineup. to submit their popularity in Japan even before their group debuts! JYP is a smart man!



Moreover, If you watch some of Lee Chaeyons performances featured above and below in Sixteen she definitely has dance skills to offer the final line up for Produce 48 she is definitely in my top 5 girls for this season! This is getting me even more excited to see the final line up this season. And what develops from the show in the future!




Best of luck to Lee Chaeyon  on Produce 48 Woman of Song is so excited to see what is to come from you on this show and what success it will bring to her career in the Kpop music industry. Woman Of Song will follow you every step of the way!




Updates of their progress will be posted right here on Women of Song! Where women are celebrated in the music industry!!!





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