After School’s KaEun on Produce 48!!!!


Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13Former member of Pledis’s iconic girl Group “AfterSchool” Lee Kaeun is taking part in the new season of Produce 48! For Afterschool fans like myself, this is extremely exciting and both nostalgic for After School fans such as myself!


Below you can watch her performance with felllow pledis trainee.



Her performance of Camila Cabellos “Havana” was impactful and showed her experience and skills. It is stated that she and Sakura are set to be the centers for the group. I am all for this! A korean and japanese member being the center makes sense appealing to both countries of which the shows contestants are from. This could be a dynamic group come the end of this season of produce 48!



Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 22.04.46



Kaeun has also had experience promoting in Japan through Afterschool’s japanese promotions such as their single “shhh”



so she is the perfect fit and is glad she is finally getting the attention she deserves after waiting 5 long years since after schools the last release with “FIRST LOVE”




Now I really miss after school! I would love to see Ka Eun debut in a new small after-school group or maybe go solo after she promotes with Produce 48’s new girl group. I love shows like Produce and The Unit it gives so much potential to girl groups in the industry and you never know who will come back and make an impact on the scene.


Now its KaEun’s well-deserved turn! Now if E Young can appear on the next season of The Unit I would be over the moon!


Now the real question is. If KaEun gains monumental success from making it to the final line-up which she is now one of my main stans if not my main of Produce 48 so I hope she does, will After school ever make an official comeback???????  Only time will tell. Please support KaEun and her journey on Produce 48. I have high hopes she will make it big.


Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 23.48.04




Any news on Ka Euns progress in Produce 48 will be updated for you right here on Woman of Song! Where women are celebrated in music!




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