Tiffany Young (Tiffany of SNSD) releases solo single “Over My Skin”

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13A former member of Girls Generation Tiffany now Tiffany Young has released her first English song “Over My Skin”. Whats exciting is that it is indeed an entirely English song. and a funky BOP it is. I approve of this song it feels much more her as an artist. I feel Tiffany may have a chance of doing well in the states, especially as she is fluent in English being born in the states




This song has a Very strong sensual and feminist vibe “Women, women, women, women women, I want you over my skin” as these lyrics highlight. Tiffany’s vocals shine towards the end of the song, showing off her vocal range which is impeccable as always, seeing as she was one of the main vocalists of Girls Generation and TTS. Very different from “I JUST WANNA DANCE”





Her style reminds me of Meghan Trainor. In its funky jazz style upbeat rhythm, but a tad slower in tempo than Meghan’s songs like “No Excuses”



I wish Tiffany the best of luck in her solo endeavors as she ventures into the united states, music scene. Not many Asian artists seem to make it big in the US. Only one recently has been BTS, who have crossed completely into the US/UK music industry as a global artist from kpop.


Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 13.18.12



Does Tiffany Young have that potential? As a former Girls Generation member, who knows? Only time will tell! Any news on her debut in America we will have for you right here on Women of Song! Where women are celebrated in music!!!!!!





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