[Listen!] Sigrid releases final song for her new EP “Schedules”



Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13Sigrid is hands down becoming one of my favorite artists at this current point in time. Since hearing her breakout song “Strangers” last year and discovering “High Five” and her new EP, she has recently dropped “Schedule” and stand back, because its another incredible song from the young artist from Norway.



Schedule is a BOP of a song! Has more of the “Strangers” Vibes (her breakout song). I also love how this EP has both uplifting dancy numbers in “High Five” and “Schedules” and then more meaningful lyrical songs in “Schedules”  and “RAW” and how the tracklist flows between the two.


The previous track released too the EP was “focus” a beautiful song about being devastated by a breakup and trying to move on. This song really hit me in the feels. Its one of those tracks you can put on to help yourself heal over a broken relationship.



As the comments say THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL SONG ❤ Just listen to it for yourself!!!!!! ❤


Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.44.26


I am just super proud of Sigrid she is so talented and so young, and now has such a distinct style in her music that i can go, yes I know that’s a Sigrid track and for a breakout artist that’s important. Also capitalizing on her success with “Strangers”




with this EP “RAW” is such a smart move. Its similar to how Cardi B released her first album “Invasion of Privacy”. after her huge success with Bruno Mars in “Finesse”.


Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.40.56


I wish SIGRID only the best in her career, and hope she knows she has many fans out there like me who love her to bits!!!!!! This EP is everything, and cannot wait for her to release her first full album in the future!



Im already jamming to “Schedules” make sure you purchase her new EP via Itunes or stream it on Spotify!


Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.14.06


Best of luck to SIGRID Women of Song will be supporting and sharing your success every step of the way! Because here women are celebrated in music!!!!!!!





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