[LISTEN!] Produce 48 reveal this seasons original songs

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13Produce 48’s Youtube channel recently uploaded a video for Episode 5 of the show. This video featured below, highlights the original tracks for this season of Produce 48, that the girls will be performing in each group.





The ones Im most looking forward to hearing are “Rumor” “Rollin Rollin” and “I am”


Of course, I’m happy that my girl Lee Chaeyon will be performing Rumor, I can’t wait to see her in an original performance concept rather than covering songs as they have done so far, she killed it in “Very Very Very’ covering IOI in her performance though!!





My favorites from Produce 101 were


Yum Yum


and Fingertips


Damn Produce putting me in an IOI mood again!!!! I still wonder what the final group name will be?!?! Whether it will be AKB48 related or Produce 48 related. I mean evidently they cant simply use AKB48 because its already used by Japans most popular girl group, but they could use something similar. I think it will somehow be obviously related to the number 48. as 101 = IOI and 101 = Wanna One. Maybe they’ll do a play on words again like Wanna One.


Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 08.20.52.jpg

I guess only time will tell! I’m so glad they are still producing seasons of Produce because it is such an amazing show that I highly recommend watching and is consistently ranked as one of the best non-k-dramas shows in Korea for a good reason!!!!


Wishing all the produce 48 girls the best of luck for their performances. Woman of Song are supporting Lee Chaeyon, Jang Gyrui, Lee Kaeun and Takashi Juri




Lee Chayeon gets center just because shes my ultimate bias in the show! :p Who are you supporting?!?! let us know! Any more updates and when the official performance videos are released for each group, we will have them posted for you here on Woman of Song where women are celebrated in music!!!




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