UNI.T drop music video for “I Mean” and full final album “Beginning with The End”

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13The girls of UNI.T have finally made their comeback with new album “Beginning With The End”. Which will, unfortunately, be their last promotions together as a full group. It even seems one of the members is missing this time around leaving 8 girls together for this album!


Their official title track produced by Brave Sound entitled “I Mean” is a complete BOP! It gives major Momoland “Bboom Bboom” vibes and so is extremely catchy, as I am already hooked on this song! It’s a shame that this has to be their final comeback.



Check out the music video for yourself below! Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 13.00.13





The other promoted track this album is

Begin With The End 



I’m getting major nostalgia feels from THE UNIT. when I was watching the show and got super into it. Euijin NC.A and Wohee are still my three biases of this group and all shine in this music video. I just wish these girls had more comebacks to evolve and show their potential. Again I’m too salty about this.


I feel compared to UNB, UNI.T got done dirty, they had hardly any chance to promote themselves compared to the number of comebacks and promotions UNB has had in their promotion cycles. UNI.T girls deserved so much more than they got from the show.


Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 00.09.25.jpg


With a song like “I Mean” it proves what UNI.T could become, but they truly didn’t get the same chance UNB had as a full group.



They also feature the bonus track of “Shine”


Which was promoted on THE UNIT and which I adored? so I’m so happy to see this on there! I’m feeling so much Nostalgia lately listening to UNI.T’s final album and thinking back to the show and the moments we experienced watching the show the performances and falling in love with UNI.T for me. Please let’s get the first win for UNI.T, especially looking back at the announcement of the final members and listening to “Begin With The End” all the feels!



All in all, I hope this isn’t the last we see of UNI.T if it is the last I hope we see returns from SPICA and THE ARK as a result of the popularity of this comeback. It would be a shame for this to go to waste.



Please support the girls by purchasing the album on Itunes or a physical copy from Korean music websites


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Woman of Song, love UNI.T and support them on this comeback and their future endeavors in their own groups or solo promotions. Hopefully, if fans can get behind the girls on this comeback get them their first win, we could see an additional comeback in the future or a reunion comeback.



I guess the future will tell what’s in store for UNI.T and the amazing women who make up the group are always celebrated here on Woman of Song!!!!!



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