IZ*ONE makes classy debut with “La Vie En Rose” and debut mini-album “Color*ze”

With the end of Produce 48, the 12 girls of I*ZONE have finally made their public Korean debut with their new mini album “Color*ze” and title track for the album “La vie en rose” which is currently sweeping the charts worldwide.



You can also check out the full mini album for yourself hereScreen Shot 2018-07-12 at 13.00.13



The girls also dropped the full mini album which includes two songs they performed on the final of Produce 48 in Japanese and Korean. I am fond of when girl groups formed on shows like Produce 48, Produce 101 etc., release singles promoted within the show on their albums. Example when UNI.T released “Shine” on their latest and last album.



I feel It gives that special attachment that you had to the girls when watching the show and brings it further into their debut. My favorite track of this example being “Suki ni Nacchudarou”


It seems the girls are taking over the kpop charts, and this is just the beginning of their journey together as “I*ZONE” You can buy yourself a copy of their album on Itunes or stream their new album on Spotify!


Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 09.43.28


Woman of Song wishes I*ZONE the best of luck for their debut with their first live performance being on Mcountdown

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I*ZONE will always be celebrated here on Woman Of Song!!!!


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