Queen Normani drops two new singles “CheckList” & “SlowDown” with King Calvin Harris!!

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13Former Fifth Harmony member Normani has just dropped two new singles with DJ Calvin Harris!! The songs are titled “Slow Down” and “CheckList”, with “CheckList” featuring African artist WizKid.






Both songs are complete BOPS! I still can’t decide which song I prefer! Both are charting well on the charts, and its safe to say you can now call Women of Song a Normani Stan! This girl is fire, and its a shame she had to leave the fifth harmony and go solo for her talents to be realized as much they are now. The girl is a star!!!


Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 19.15.30.jpgIs there a new EP coming from these two?! If they produced another 2 to 3 songs, fans like myself would not complain at all! I feel this is just the beginning of an amazing career for Normani! Already working with Calvin Harris, has got my mind turning in what kind of collabs we could see and hear from her in the future!



Her previous single with Kalid “Love Lies” became a massive hit on the charts for Normani, kickstarting her solo career in a massive way!

With Normani set to release her debut album, Woman of Song are waiting patiently for more tracks released from this woman who is a born star, even being compared to Beyonce, with her incredible dance skills, having performed on Dancing with the stars.



Normani is set to release her debut album late 2018, or early 2019. and we here at women of song, are immensely excited for the release of this new album, especially with this release as its performing exceedingly well on charts.


Her success will be followed and celebrated here at Woman Of Song.



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