[Watch!] CLC’s Seungyeon & Yuijin release Dance Cover of Hyolyn’s “Dally”


Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13Arguably the two best dancers of CLC Seungyeon & Yuijn have just dropped their first collab cover performance in the studio to Hyolyn’s “Dally”. It’s awesome to see members like Seungyeon receive some spotlight for her talent in dance.



If you want to see more from Seungyeon make sure you check out her solo performance of Ariana Grande’s latest hit track “Thank U Next”.



You can also which this compilation of performances both girls have put on together at their entertainment company including some more solos from Seungyeon! This girl is definitely raising up on my CLC bias list! My current bias being Sorn! Seungyeon might now be my joint second bias with Yeeun.



I hope this means CLC are gearing up for a comeback in February or March! Would be great to see these underrated queens comeback to the kpop industry, with a dance-focused track. They Killed it in;


“Black Dress”


and “Hobgoblin”



will be intriguing to see how CLC evolve in 2019!


Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 02.49.48.jpg


Lets hope 2019 is the year CLC get their first win! Woman of Song will cotinue to support them until they do!!!



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Author – Cameron Deacon