[WATCH!] Produce 48’s Gaeun X Yunjin release special performance video of “Havana” (Rumors of Debuting in a NEW GIRL GROUP?!?!?!?!)

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13The two Pledis Giraffes, GaEun (formerly of After School) and Yunjin trainee from Pledis, have recently dropped a special performance version video of the audition song they performed in the show to Camila Cabellos” Havana”



Comparing this to their audition on the show you can see how much these two must have practiced together and the chemistry they have performing as a duo!



Some fans are already asking for an After School comeback with the added Yunjin to the group. Whereas others are speculating that Pledis will debut the girls as a new duo group, with their popularity that they gained on Produce 48 together. I see this as being much more likely as a lot of the previous After School members have graduated. Or even a new girl group?!?!?


Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 02.37.20.jpg


It would be great for GaEun especially to receive a re-debut as she only promoted with After School for a short amount of time. They can also use her popularity from after school to build the success for this duo. It’s foolproof! Just debut these beautiful giraffes  Pledis!!!


Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 16.00.02.jpg


It would also be clever to debut them now or early next year, with the recent success of I*ZONE, with GaEun being a top contender on the show to make the group, sadly missing out on making it, fans from the show would support these girls to the stars. Also, we haven’t got too many kpop duo girl groups, other than Khan etc.



Woman of Song will have any more news on a possible debut of these two gorgeous women for you right here on this blog! Where women are celebrated within music!



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