Lady Gaga’s “A Star Is Born” Wins best original song at Golden Globes

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13Pop Legend Lady Gaga recently hit big at the Golden Globes winning best original song at the awards show! An esteemed award for anyone to achieve. For Lady Gaga it proves she is still going strong, despite her longevity in the music industry.



“A Star Is Born” was released back in October of 2018 and has won the Satellite awards for best motion picture and cinematography. Other than winning best original song is slated to win big this golden globes. Shall see what other awards this incredible film and soundtrack rakes in. (I have still yet to see it!)



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Lady Gaga Seemed over the moon when the announcement was made, another huge accomplishment for this legendary pop sensation. She has come such a long way since her days of “PokerFace” and it looks like her career is only continuing to go up from here.


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A massive congratulations too Lady Gaga for this accomplishment! Hopefully this means a new album is due from her this year! To build upon this early success and a great start too 2019!!!! Woman Of Song congratulate her and celebrate Lady Gaga’s success at the Gold Globes! Wishing only the best for the year ahead!


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