Black Pink reveal plans for new EP & track “Kill This Love”!!!!!!

Blinks rejoice!!!! YG Entertainments globally popular girl group Black Pink has just announced plans for an April comeback!!!! This will be their most recent releases since their last EP “Square up”. The title track for this new EP will be titled “Kill This Love”.


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The news of the song has evidently become a worldwide trend on Twitter, with Member Lisa featuring in the first revealed solo teaser image!!! She looks absolutely incredible.


Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 16.37.41.jpg

As I am already huge fan of Black Pink (being one of my ultimate groups)  am already extremely excited for this release! Also with Black Pink currently touring you can believe that they will promote this new EP alongside “Square Up” when they come to London and other European countries for their 2019 tour.



BLINKS BETTER BE READY! Have you bought tickets for their world tour yet at any of the venues? Black Pink is coming to slay and claim their throne! enjoy “Ddu Ddu Ddu Du”



to get hyped for the tour and their comeback stated for April 4th 2019!!!!!!!!

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Any more news on this comeback e.g. song teasers, music video, highlight medley teasers. and any other images the girls upload on Instagram or Twitter will be covered for you right here on Woman of Song where women are celebrated in music!!!



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