🌈 Little Mix support LGBT rights in Dubai with “Secret Love Song” where Homosexuality is Illegal 🌈

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13Queens of the music industry 🌈Little Mix 🌈 have recently made waves in the public media and social media for their recent performance of “Secret Love Song” in Dubai. What makes this performance so important is the fact that on stage they showed the LGBT flag on the screen to the audience, when in Dubai where homosexuality is still to this day illegal.Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 13.00.13



Little Mix has always supported LGBT rights through their music. With fans always rumoring that Jade Thirlwall of the group is Bi-sexual. The girls often include LGBT influences in their music videos, for example in Power


little mix power gif.gif


Also in one of their most recent music videos for “Only You”


features a lesbian lover storyline speaking out for LGBT Love in the music industry.

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It is clear that the girls will always support LGBT rights and the community and I am one Mixer who is proud of their love and support for the community. Being Bi-sexual myself Little Mix have always spoken to me with their music as I have been a fan since their debut days with “WINGS” (still a BOP to this day).


little mix wings gif.gif


Women of Song will always proudly support not only Little Mix but the LGBT community as well!!! We here welcome all type of people music is a universal language which can be appreciated by anyone regardless of race, background or sexuality.

Here we celebrate women in music. Woman of Song.



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