Black Pink become the first kpop group to perform at Coachella 2019!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13The girls of Black Pink are making waves in the music industry once again! The line up for Coachella has been announced the girls will perform April 12th, 2019 on the same day as Ella Mai, Dj Skane,  and Childish Gambino himself, the girls will be performing live at the EVENT!


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becoming the first ever Kpop group to perform at this event where also Beyonce has performed!


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This is a huge deal for the girls and kpop in general, the name they could make for themselves on a stage like Coachella alongside such big names for future songs and collaborations could be amazing!


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My mind is running with excitement at Black Pink’s future after this event! Imagine collabs with the likes of Ella Mai, DJ SNAKE, or even CHILDISH GAMBINO! That would be everything as a song.


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The possibilities are endless depending on what artists the girls end up the meeting, bonding with at the event itself! The three big ones for me being Childish Gambino, Ella Mai and DJ Snake Imagine a “Taki Taki” style song with Black Pink and DJ Snake in Korean! (Incoming BOP) *prays for this to be real*



The event will also be live streamed at TIMES SQUARE NEW YORK CITY!!! for the first time. This is going to mean huge publicity and exposure for the girls and I am so happy for them ❤ ❤ ❤





if BTS can collab with Nikki Minaj,


Then Black Pink now need a breakout collab and this performance at Coachella could give them the platform to become the global artist they deserve to be  ❤ ❤ ❤ As I was just discussing with my friends I feel as though Black Pink is going to be the girl group break out into the US and global music market, as BTS did and have done. Black Pink and BTS are going to be the forerunners for Kpop representation on the global music stage and I for one couldn’t be prouder of my girls.


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A proud Blink here, especially after the girls have just dropped their latest comeback EP and music video for “Kill This Love”!!!



The girls of Black Pink continue, break boundaries not only for kpop but for women as a whole. Their performance at Coachella tomorrow will be legendary! Make sure you tune into the live stream to watch it for yourself to show the girls support! LOVE BLACK PINK ALWAYS!!!




When the performances of Coachella has happened we will update the related artist’s performance right here on Women of Song!



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Author – Cameron Deacon