Twice to comeback with 7th Mini album! “Fancy You!”.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 02.41.13Looks like the 9 amazing women of TWICE are ready to make a Korean Comeback!!! It looks as though this time for their 7th mini album they will be going with the title track named “Fancy” of the appropriately named album “FANCY YOU”


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They have just dropped the album’s tracklist via Twitter which you can see below! Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 13.00.13

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From the looks of the background image, being a swirling mix of bright pink and blue it’s going to be a very bright style and concept, something about the name gives off a disco vibe, but obviously we don’t know anything about the sound of the album until the girls start releasing teaser videos and the highlight medley, which we will have covered for you right here on Woman of Song!


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The girls have also released individual teaser images for the upcoming EP, and the announcement that they will be having their first world tour! However, No London?!?!? not much of a World Tour, if you ask me, :p not salty at all :p Would love to see them live!





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The concept images seem to be very nature-esque inspired, with flowers, perfect for the spring season, bright skies, rainbows, and tropical birds and trees. This totally makes sense as the girls are preparing their comeback for Easter Monday!!! So perhaps this will have more of a tropical sound? Maybe like “Dance the Night Away” ?!?!?




Prepare yourselves for TWICE’s comeback! Make sure you put 22ND APRIL 2019 in your diaries. Definitely, THE spring come back to watch this April! When the girls release any music video teasers, and the full music video we will have it updated for you right here on Woman of Song! Where women are celebrated in music!


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