Little Mix to release new single “Bounce Back” This Friday!!! [New Music Friday]

👑 The 4 Queens of Little Mix are gearing up for their new single release “Bounce Back” which is set to be dropped this Friday!!!!! This could be a message of the success of LM5 the girls still bounce back with another BOP!



The girls have dropped a teaser video for the song, as the girls pose in amazing swimsuits and bring in a song that feels perfect for the summer ahead! [Summer BOP Incoming!!!]




The girls have also uploaded multiple teaser images for the impending release, and the QUEENS jade, Perrie, Jessy & Leigh-Anne look absolutely stunning! see below for yourself!!!!


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(There are more all  over the internet and on their official twitter: @LittleMix)

QUEEN STATUS OVERLOAD!!!!! The hype for the release of “BounceBack” is building! Only three sleeps to go till the girls drop the new single!!! Moreover, does this mean a future album release?! The girls only just released LM5 November of last year. Whether or not the girls are getting ready to release LM6 is another question.


Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 01.48.05.png


As for right now, they seem to be ready to BRING THE BOUNCEBACK! for the summer! When the song is released by these QUEENS in 3 days we will have it uploaded for your viewing pleasure right here on QUEEN STATUS! Where QUEENS rule the music industry!!!  👑




Are you ready for these QUEENS!?!??!?!



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