New Rookie Group Weekly Debut!!!

New Rookie Group “Weeekly” Make their debut with “Tag Me!” 

7-member rookie girl group Weeekly has made their official debut into the k-pop scene!!!! They are known primarily for being the sister group of Kpop icons A-Pink. 

consisting of members, Soojin, Monday, Jihan, Jiyoon, Soeun, Zoa, and Jaehee (as featured below!)

These 7 QUEENS have just released their debut music video for their first EP “We Are” with the title track “Tag Me!” (Check out their debut music video below!)

In the music video, it is clear that the girls have gone for the classic school girl concept yet also use colorful vibes and outfits in other scenes a somewhat safe concept for a newly debuting group! I must admit the song is catchy although it took a few listens to grasp the flow and melody of the song!! However, I feel these girls have a lot of potential! 

From my first few watches of their performances, my biases are currently Monday & Soeun who show the most potential for me in the group! I was highly impressed by the dance break featuring Soeun (my bias QUEEN!) who I believe is the main dancer of the group! 

The girls also recently held their debut showcase!

I must admit they give me definite 2nd-Gen vibes, almost reminding me of Apink’s debut, with 7-members though the song obviously being different sound and concept!!! (Check out Apink’s debut below! Do you notice any similarities?!?!) 

I truly only hope for the best of success for the sister group of Apink! seeing how even after 10 years how iconic Apink is, this should only help skyrocket the careers of Weekly! Though I know from what they have shown in their debut showcase, they have the talents to forge their own sound, image, and name in the Kpop industry! 

I look forward too seeing what the future has in store for us with these QUEENSnow on the scene!!!!

If they debut on live stages we will post them for you right here on Queens Of Song! Where we celebrate the QUEENS of the global music industry!!!