IRENE & SEULGI drop mv teaser for debut track "MONSTER"!!!


Red Velvet’s first sub-unit consisting of members Irene & Seulgi have dropped their first music video teaser for their debut track “MONSTER!!!” (watch it for yourself below!!!!!)

It seems as though these QUEENS are going with a totally different concept sound and visual wise from what we’ve seen the full group do in the past! Which makes total sense as they are a sub-unit, so they want their style to be different from the full group!!!

The teaser gave me some serious dark, EDM, trap vibes, and somewhat of a gothic concept. However, some of their concept photos as you can see from the ones posted above and below! Seem to vary in style, colour, and concept. So it will be interesting to see how the full music video turns out aesthetically and what different concepts they incorporate in the album!

If you read some of the comments in their teaser video, you can see that a lot of fans are initially turned off by this new sound from these two! However, I welcome this new vibe and feel it suits Seulgi to a T, who is gonna be my bias for this sub-unit as she is my second bias overall in Red Velvet behind Wendy (p.s. she needs a solo EP)!and as stated above, of course, is going to be a different concept than what Red Velvet normally does! In a sense, they are a separate group!!! and they need to make their own mark in the kpop industry!

Turning the attention back to these two girls, I really dig this concept as I also got Lady Gaga vibes! I am really looking forward to what Seulgi and Irene have to offer us as a duo unit! I hope that means they give Joy and Yeri a sub-unit and let Wendy go Solo!!! (oof too much Wendy love here :p) 

Anyhow, I do miss Red Velvet too and hope they come back in the second half of the year as a full group! However, as mentioned I am so ready for this sub-units debut, SEULGI can SLAY MY ME WHAT A QUEEN!

When the full music video is released, I will post it here and share my full thoughts on the song and music video upon its release!!!
This is my QUEENDOM! ‘Cam’s QUEENDOM’ & I’m a king that Stans his Queens!!!!!!