The QUEEN herself CHUNGHA has comeback with yet another single, this one seemingly being the title track for her upcoming album/EP, titled “PLAY” (Just found out via Amazon that it is a MAXI SINGLE, which in some ways I’m a little disappointed as she could have capitalized on her three releases and produced an album!!!) Nonetheless prepare yourself for the masterpiece that is “PLAY” below!!!! 
(p.s ofc I’ve ordered the MAXI SINGLE :p :p :p)



LET ME JUST SAY THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING!! On first listen, it definitely gave me strong vibes from her debut song “Why Don’t You Know” I also heard vibes of “Snapping” & “Chica” which I am all here for ❤ ❤ ❤ Especially Chica as it attained that Spanish flare. 
The song definitely also had some tropical house vibes but 1000x more upgraded from the sound of “Why Don’t You Know”. I just hope you guys can see & hear as to how amazing this music video and song really are!!!  
This song really just shows how far ChungHa has come as a solo artist, in terms of music production, performance and overall quality of her music! It’s impressive to see someone grow as much as she as, even when she had so much talent, to begin with! I mean I’ll never get tired of her “Bang Bang” performance back in Produce 101 ❤ The glory days!!!
Teach me your songwriting & choreographing ways, QUEEN!!
BUT HOLY CRAP, I cannot express enough that this is a comeback you want to make ❤ stan this QUEEN STAN CHUNGHA!!! I am instantly fallen in love with this song because HOOOOOOOOOOO ThiS SONG SLAPS SO HARD!!!! The song is definitely about self-love and self-empowerment as some of the following lyrics:


Totally a summer vibe we need right now ❤ THE VISUALS IN THIS MUSIC VIDEO ARE ON ANOTHER LEVEL!!!! SHE CAN DEFINITELY BLOW MY MIND!!! MY MIND IS ALREADY BLOWN FROM THIS SONG!!! I’m still trying to take everything that just happened in the music video in!!!!
Some of the highlight sections of the song for me included the rap section to form feature rapper ‘CHANGMO’ & WOW an amazing rap feature which really complements the style and vibe of the song! Makes me lowkey wish ChungHa works with more male and female rappers as features in her tracks!!! 
Can we talk about her salsa dancing with the male dancer, OMFG! if ChungHa features more dance breaks like this, she once again only proves why she is one of the best if not THE BEST FEMALE KPOP DANCERS in the industry today!!!!! the whole performance and choreography was stunning to a T! CHUNGHA really is MY QUEEN AND CAN SLAY MY LIFE ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!! 
This comeback is EVERYTHING! the pinnacle of CHUNGHA if this is the title track for her new album i am more than 100% satisfied ❤ makes me want her, even more, to come to the UK!!! 
(ME =)

JUST WOW!!!!!!!!!!! 
Apologies if my thoughts are a bit all over the place but this comeback took me places!  I have to admit this is one of my favorite 2020 songs by far so far!!!! This hit me differently, I’d say this Black Pink & Sunmi’s comeback are my favorite releases of 2020!!! There is a reason that Chungha is one of if not my top female solo artists alongside SUNMI, again PLEASE COME TO THE UK IN 2021/2022 CHUNGHA!!!! 
I’m going to leave my thoughts and this blog post here and just let you guys enjoy this masterpiece for yourself in all its glory! Truly one of her strongest songs to date! She really deserves the world! Let me know what you think of her comeback in the comments!!!
You can best believe if she releases the album or EP with this “Stay Tonight” & “Be Yourself” I will instantly be ordering it for my collection, and perhaps have a kpop album gallery on my blog so you can also marvel in some kpop album photo books with me !!!!
Song Rating =


If she performs on any of the music shows we will have the performances for you right here on Cam’s Queendom! Because here we only celebrate the QUEENS of the Kpop music industry!!!!!!! 

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