Seulgi & Irene Release Music Video for "MONSTER"!!!


Red Velvet’s first sub-unit consisting of members Seulgi & Irene have finally released the music video for their debut title track “Monster” 
(Which you can watch for yourself below!!!)
On the first watch of the music video I feel there are major LGBT vibes with this song, I mean The number of times the two girls almost kissed in this music video is UNREAL! It has the fans raving about it in the comments!!! Moreover, the lyrics of the video definitely go with that Lady Gaga LGBT vibes as they speak about being a ‘little monster’ which is what the fabulous Gaga calls her fans! However, let’s talk about these lyrics We stan!!! 

Im a little monster, be scared of meIm bothering you, making you dream only about meIll dance and play as I cast a spellOn your body on a nightmareMonster (2020)

I am deffo living for these Lesbian Queen Vibes for this sub-unit!!! It feels as though they also going for that witch-like vibes as the express casting spells on bodies, and the video has that spellcaster type vibe to it!!! I mean, it put me under a spell!!!

it is unmistakable that the lyrics talk about monsters and nightmare so there is a clear & distinct gothic, sensual and dark concept for this music video and song! 

I feel as a concept this is what Red Velvet could do if they hadn’t have added the youngest member Yeri as it is a clear mature concept for the girls contrast to what we’ve seen from the full group. They could have done more of these vibed concepts reminding me of their early days with “Automatic” & “Be Natural” It clearly fits the VELVET side of RED VELVET. 

No bashing meant on Yeri of course, as SM Entertainment clearly added her to the group for a reason, to include more youth and bring the age range of the group down. However, it’s amazing to see Red Velvet pull of such a unique concept that even is reminiscent of what Billie Eilish would produce due to the dark vibes of the music video! Perhaps Joy and Yeri can form a sub-unit and do a RED concept!!!!  

I still feel that this is Seulgi’s song, she just shines in all areas and proves what an amazing all-rounded QUEEN she is! She can perform, sing dance with incredible skill and I just have to applaud her for being such an amazing talented idol! She is for sure a key voice and performer in Red Velvet. I think she’s now become my joint bias with Wendy for Red Velvet!!!! 

However both the girls Seulgi & Irene kill this concept, Irene even being haunting at times turning into a literal monster at one point in the video, which really gave me the chills.

Its a haunting music video for sure and I hope that you guys enjoyed it as much as I did on the first watch! I cannot wait to see the live stages of this song. Talk about LGBT fan service!!! :p  This is a perfect debut for this sub-unit and distinctively sets the sub-unit apart from the main group and I am living for this concept! Seulgi & Irene were the duo we never knew we needed!!!!
When these two QUEENS perform live stages for “MONSTER” I will post them for you right here on Cam’s Queendom! This is my QUEENDOM and I’m a KING that Stans QUEENS!!