AleXa makes her comeback with "Villain"

AleXa Makes Her Comeback With “Villain”!!!

The amazing solo QUEEN AleXa is back with her newest single titled “VILLAIN”!!! 

(Watch her newwest music video for yourself below!!!)
Funnily enough, I was not clued in on the fact that she was planning on making a comeback! So seeing this video in my Youtube Recomendations and subscriptions this morning was a pleasant surprise! I have stanned AleXa since her debut so its always awesome to see her release a new song! I must say that on first listen all I thought was that … 


The lyrics of this song are definitely a message of self-empowerment. with mentions of:

“Im a villain so what”
“keep going”

& even recalling a classic demi lovato song in
 “sorry not sorry” 

As a listener it feels to me as if she is calling out the people who don’t believe in her! Encouraging herself to keep going regardless of whoever hates on her or dislikes her. A message of pure self-empowerment, but also relatable to other people going through similar situations!!!Furthermore, the music video itself is so stunning! simplistic in style but it works! Sometimes as they say if done right less is more! I particularly loved the idea of playing of two sides of her character. The hero and the villain, with the two different sets, outfits and colours. 

Similarly, I also loved the scene which had her dance reflected above and below again perhaps conveying this identity of ‘duality’ for her and her position in the music industry, that as many fans you get there will always be people who dislike you. Moreover, the theme and choreography of the music video low-key remind me of “Monster” from Red Velvet with the demonic, monster-like dance moves that both dances have.  (know i want to listen to Monster again :p :p :p)

A real darker side for AleXa, which I hope she continues to further develop as a concept!!! She looked stunning !!!!!! as she always does :p

As someone who has followed her since her debut, I can say that it seems she definitley knows her sound and style and knows what she is doing with her music and direction. I also love how there seems to be a continuity within her songs story wise and music video wise, like it all seems to interconnect. If you like this music video you definitely have to go and check out her previous videos to see for yourself!!!!

Overall AleXa is just a talented QUEEN!!! if she ever tours over here in the UK you best believe this King be going to see this QUEEN!!!! 

Here on Cam’s Queendom a King stans his Queens!!!!!