SM ENTERTAINMENT’s latest project is finally here! Now known as their “SM CLASSICS’ label for orchestra versions of classic SM ENTERTAINMENT songs from groups such as Red Velvet, Girls Generation, Shinee, EXO, etc. have released their first track partnering with the SOEUL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA to produce orchestral versions of these iconic songs. The first one being Red Velvets Summer classic “RED FLAVOUR” 

(Which you can watch for yourself below!!!)”

On listen the song is beautifully rendered by the orchestra, you can hear each individual instrument and how it mixes into and creates the iconic melody of “Red Flavor” (*starts dancing the choreo*) 

I loved the simplicity of the music video, that it was all about the music, and focuses you on the melodic vibes of the song, through the people playing the instruments live. That intercut with the little boy dancing gleefully through the streets was a really nice touch. Giving the whole video a joyful, light feel. The boy in the video is stated to be a child actor ‘Sim Hyunseo’ who is a 2nd generation, Billie Elliot, in the Korean version of the musical on Broadway. 

Definitely what you get from listening to the original “Red Flavour” as well!!!! Which by the way still to this day is perhaps one of my favorites if not favorite Red Velvet Red concept song! It just never gets old!!! TIMELESS!!! 

Now if we are going to get an orchestral album from SM that would be stunning, it also begs the question of what other songs are SM going to record and release editions of? Oh, we have to have “Genie” & “Into The New World” from Girls Generation, “Peekaboo” or “Phsyco” also from Red Velvet. “Electric Shock” and or “Rum Pum Pum Pum” from F(x), “Replay” or “Lucifer” from Shinee & “Free Somebody” from Luna. The possibilities are endless! I’ll provide an SM ENTERTAINMENT playlist below, so we can start speculating what songs are next to be produced on the “SM CLASSICS” line!!!


All in all, I feel as though this is a really smart move on SMs behalf. Revitisling iconic songs that everyone loves in a new and different sound, keeping them fresh and remembered is a genius move.  It also would bring different generations and types of listeners towards SM’s groups, those who may not enjoy Kpop but love Orchestral classical music can easily enjoy this sound from SM! Bravo Lee Soo Man bravo! 

I feel this just proves SM Entertainment is not afraid of trying new sounds, styles, and concepts! As someone stated in the comments of the video “It always seems to pay off!!!” Which version do you prefer? perhaps the list of potential classics is a topic for a future video over on the channel? Look forward to that! 
What future Orchestral tracks from our QUEENS will we hear? When future SM Classic tracks are released I will share them with you here on Cam’s Queendom, because this King stans his QUEENS!!! 

Author: Cameron Deacon ……..