Hyo’s comeback to feature GIDLES Soyeon!!!

The Queen herself Hyoyeon or HYO has dropped the official teaser for her comeback song “Dessert” (Watch it for yourself below!!!)

These are the types of collaborations I love seeing! Especially so much so that Hyoyeon is my Girls Generation bias & Soyeon is my GIDLE bias, The fact that both are rap queens I can feel that this song is going to SLAY! If Soyeon wrote it for Hyoyeon all the more reason to be excited about HYO’S comeback because the song in teaser alone slaps so Hard! “Get What I deserve, Dessert” DAYUMMMM HYO has not come to play around this time!!!

The girls have met each other even before Soyeon’s debut in GIDLE and on Produce 101, so I imagine for Soyeon working with a member of Girls Generation must be a big thing for her career so I can see why she jumped on this opportunity.

It also puts GIDLE in the spotlight too. Also, can we please get a Soyeon solo comeback like “Jelly”??? That song still gets stuck in my head to this day!!! Soyeon slays so hard ❤ STAN SOYEON ❤

Anyhow, back to HYOYEON I love how their names rhyme! :p I am immensely excited for her comeback, as I feel it has been long overdue since her last release “Badster”  If this new song vibes like “Punk Right Now” I will not be ready. My fanboy heart isn’t ready for her Comeback!!!!

Just sharing that love for this QUEEN!!!!! When HYO drops the full music video & song for “Dessert” I will post it on this blog ASAP!! This is a long-overdue comeback, it also makes me question if we will ever see an OhGG come back with the remaining 5 members of GG! Let’s be real “Lil Touch” was and still is that song, still is a  BOP!!!!!!!! &  

Hyoyeon SLAYS in this video, as I know she will in her upcoming release! She’s so stunning I even got my friend into her who doesn’t listen to much K-pop!!!! The POWER & BEAUTY OF QUEEN HYO! Take me back to her concert at Ministry of Sound!!! ❤ So I can be as close to this QUEEN as I was! ONLY QUEENS EXIST here on Cam’s QUEENDOM!!!!