The QUEEN LEE HI has just dropped a music video teaser for her long-awaited and speculated return to the kpop industry with “HOLO!!!!”  (Prepare to be haunted by the teaser below!!!)

Lee Hi is apparently now working as an independent artist not signed under YG entertainment, she announced back in December of last year that she would be parting ways with YG Entertainment, terminating her contract with the company.  THEIR LOSS, IN MY OPINION, YG loves letting go of talented idols!! Moving on, can we talk about how haunting and beautiful the music video teaser is! It’s amazing to see her again! I truly feel that YG didn’t appreciate her looks because she wasn’t typically beautiful in terms of Korean standards. BUT LOOK AT HER SHE IS STUNNING!!!!!

It’s sad that YG let her go, as its almost as if she now has to work her way from the ground up again. It’s been so many years since her previous release, so a lot fo the kpop fans and industry may have forgotten about her. She needs this opportunity to rebuild her name in the industry! I am so glad she is returning even if as an independent artist!

She even tweeted this cryptic message about a choice of restarting her life or telling her present self about the past, It is clear she has some regrets and feelings about her past with YG entertainment and is perhaps treating this release as a fresh start which I applaud her for, its not easy having to start over, especially in the music industry where YG SM AND JYP rule. I have seen that some people and YG even criticized her weight and dancing. But what she is regardless of these people’s criticisms of her, is a VOCAL QUEEN! One of the best vocalists in kpop, and I expect this track as haunting as it sounds to highlight her incredible vocal skills!!! I can’t wait to hear her voice again ❤ SHE HAS THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL !! (See what I did there :p) 

According to a Youtube comment on the video: the word “HOLO” in Korean means “ALONE” showing she is going on her own journey alone now without the help of YG. In some ways, I’m glad because YG really didn’t appreciate her talents and what they had with her as an artist! She was immensely underutilized and overlooked. So I can see why she left YG, similarly to how SOMI did. Perhaps YG isn’t the best company in terms of managing their idols, don’t get me started on BlackPink and some of the favoritism YG shows for Jennie and overlooks members like Jisoo and Lisa. 


JUSTICE FOR SOMI & LEE HI ❤ THEIR TALENT IS TOO GOOD TO BE OVERLOOKED ❤ Ok now id love to see a collaboration between these two ❤ I love that they are making comebacks at the same time ❤ 
Hopefully, this comeback will give her the attention and recognition she rightfully deserves for being the talented QUEEN she is, and some other agency will sign her for future promotions!!!! She has some amazing songs! “1,2,3,4” will forever be an ICONIC BOP in my eyes & ears!!!!
& “ROSE” was such a beautiful and iconic song! if Holo goes along those vibes I am ready for this release!!!!!
When Lee Hi drops the music video for “Holo” I will post it here and ofc give you my thoughts on Cam’S  QUEENDOM! A world where ONLY QUEENS EXIST!!!!