Black Pink announce their next single release set for AUGUST!!!

BLACK PINK has just announced that they will be releasing a new single in August! No name of the song or that many details have been given away yet, with just the release of the poster below! However, the hype has already begun for the girl’s 2nd single of 2020!!!!!

Not much is known about the new song other than what is revealed by the poster for the release above! It looks as though it will feature a secondary artist! Whether or not it will be someone in the k-pop industry or from the US or UK, it already has me speculating!” The girls have already collaborated with Dua Lipa for “Kiss and Makeup”

 & Lady Gaga for “Sour Candy” 

Part of me would love to see a returned favor and have lady gaga feature on Black Pinks track but we will have to wait and see till August to see who appears and what the song will sound like! No matter what it will be a complete bop just like “How You Like That” Perhaps due to the styling choices of the poster a more retro vibe???? The girls have also released individual teaser images that defo give off that concept! It also gives me vibes of “Forever Young” 
You can see the individual teasers and cover image teaser for yourself below!!!

According to YG, this will be a three-part comeback with “How You Like That”

 Being the first single, this release is the second and a third by the end of the year!!!! As a Blink I’m incredibly happy YG is giving them 3 singles this year!!! I also hope that they’ll compile them into an EP with a few other songs since it’s been a while since their previous release with “Square Up” and “Ddu Ddu Du Du” Its high time we see a new album from these QUEENS!!!

It seems to be a trend for Black Pink with their albums to have just about 4/5 songs per EP so this is why I bring up the idea of a new EP because with these three singles all they’d need is one more song to match the tracklist number of ‘Square Up’.  Some fans argue that BlackPink really doesn’t release much music which in some ways I agree. However, at this rate I’m just grateful that the girls are still releasing music, as there were rumors that the girls could be disbanding due to poor management and favoritism from YG. 

As a full-time Blink I only hope for the best of Black Pink’s future, they are such an incredible talent that has truly broken boundaries for kpop girl groups globally. That it would be a complete waste for YG to let them go so soon. Clearly, the girls want to stick around and continue their dominance of the Kpop music industry!!! I mean they are QUEENS so its only natural as is my LOVE FOR BLACKPINK! (See what I did there :p)