RGW’s new girl group Purple Kiss and the sister group of Mamamoo are set to make their debut!!! They have started releasing teaser videos and images. As the trend goes it looks like they’ll be releasing individual member teasers for their title track “FILL & FEEL”

The first teaser has the haunting girl saying “Purple Kiss” and introduces the members to the world. Now the first thing I instantly thought when looking at the members in the video/poster is that it definitely looks like Mamamoo’s sister group. I see solar in the girl 2nd from the left at the top. I see Moonbyul in the bottom right girl. It reminds me of JYP and NiziU/Twice how agencies definitely have a type of girl that they look for in their trainees. Like you an tell when a trainee is from JYP/SM/YG etc. there are qualities that the companies look for and prefer over others. The same is with RGB company and Mamamoo and Purple Kiss. 

Now let’s talk about these teasers. This first one is for the member ‘Ireh’. She is clearly the rapper of the group and WOW, her rap is hauntingly beautiful. The teaser and beat drop slaps so hard! It definitely gives me both vibes of Mamamoo and Dreamcatcher. I love how they are going for a darker vibe and a different feel from Mamamoo. I mean they are their own group as much as they are the sister group of Mamamoo, they need their own style, sound, and image to make their mark in the kpop industry. 

the music video teaser of member “SWAN” I still can’t get over that that’s her stage name :p. singing her vocals are stunning and it definitely gave me Mamamoo “Starry Night” vibes.

 I would love to see some sisterly love and see Mamamoo perhaps mentor “Purple Kiss” now seeing the teaser they are definitely a new rookie group to follow in my opinion!!!!

As the trend follows and the rest of the 7 members release their music video teasers, and hopefully we get a full group music video teaser. We will update you with them and of course my tea and perspective on them!!! I personally am already looking forward to this group! Can never complain about a new rookie group, which means more music to enjoy! :p The struggle of being a MULTI QUEEN STAN! 😛


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