YUKIKA releases new single "Soul Lady"

Yukika is Japanese but now lives in Korea and promotes as a kpop artist!!! She has been active in the kpop industry for a number of years appearing in survival series like ‘Mixnine’ & k-dramas like ‘IdolMaster’. She has released her new song an album titled “Soul Lady” (Which you can watch for yourself below!!!)

I knew her since I watched ‘Idolmaster’ aka Real Girls Project group and loved that show. Man, it brings back memories watching that show, the beef, the drama, and the intensity of it all! As only k-dramas know how to do!!! I don’t know if I fully finished it or not. I think it’s still available on amazon prime!!! I gotta get back into some k-dramas man!

(In this picture Yukika is the 3rd from the left on the bottom row!!! on the top picture and 4th from the right top row on the bottom picture!) I am definitely going to STAN YUKIKA! I also hope this means more members from the Real Girls Project group or IDOLMASTER will either debut or re-debut! I remember Mint & Lee Solji from Tiny-G & The Ark and I definitely feel they both need to re-debut! Mint should promote more solo and Lee solji should join her former Ark members Euna Kim etc. in Khan and reform The Ark ❤

Yukika looks like she’s ready to make her mark in the kpop industry,  and has also alongside this new single released a full album titled the same as her new single “Soul Lady” available on both Spotify and Itunes!

For me, it’s just a trip down memory lane seeing someone like Yukika from a show that I loved watching last year. I only hope for the best for her and wonder if her fellow Idolmaster castmates are still in touch with her and supporting her? Imagine a ‘Real Girls Project‘ reunion comeback in the future!!! 

Though I feel like this post was just me reminiscing about ‘Idolmaster’ I definitely urge you to give Yukika a chance with her new single, she definitely has the talent and looks like she enjoys the stage! Yukika is currently promoting her new song “Soul Lady” on all major music shows! If we post any of the performances from QUEENS on music shows hers will definitely  appear here on 
Cam’s QUEENDOM because naturally ONLY QUEENS EXIST HERE!!!!