The 7 QUEENS of “CHERRY BULLET” are set to release their second digital single titled “Aloah Oe” and have just dropped the music video teaser for it! (You can watch it for yourself below!!!!)

The teaser had me like WOW!!! This is going to be a complete summer bop! I love the vibe of the teaser and I cannot go on enough about how they are returning to a cuter vibe I love the colours in the music video teaser !!!! Also half tempted to jump into the music video and steal that unicorn raft!!! :p :p :p  ❤ 

It has been months since the release of “Hands Up” which is a bop!

Which I was hooked on!!! So I expect the same with their new release “Aloha OE”!!! I do love that they are returning to a cuter brighter concept. similarly to their debut songs “Q&A” & “Really Really”

 both songs to this day are still total BOPS! OOP now ‘Really Really’ is stuck in my head again!!! I still listen too and love to this day with no regrets!!! I feel that the cuter brighter concept suits these girls better! Especially for my biases Bora and Haeyoon!!! The girls have also released individual member teaser photos! OMG Haeyoon looks STUNNING blonde!!!

HERE THEY ARE!!!! THEY ALL LOOK SO STUNNING!!!! Once again confirming my theory that the cuter concept suits them so much better than a darker concept!!!! Even their group name ‘Cherry Bullet’ sounds bright and cute!! It just works!!!!! Can we also talk about how amazing their lightstick looks! I’m so tempted to get one for myself in the future!!! If I ever do I will for sure do an unboxing on the Cam’s QUEENDOM Youtube Channel!!!!!

How uncanny is it that I came across this teaser on youtube tonight!!!! As earlier looking through my album collection and looking at Cherry Bullet’s previous two albums for “Q&A” and “Really Really” it made me wonder “When is ‘Cherry Bullet’ coming back? (P.s I still miss Mirae and Kokoro :p they were my other biases! 😦 ) However, It’s almost as if the kpop gods heard my cry and said here you go, Cameron, enjoy your QUEENS! BAMM!!!! The fact they are also returning to this concept couldn’t be sweeter! There are certain groups where they just fit certain concepts like Twice with the cutesy (though they are promoting more mature concepts atm) and ‘Cherry Bullet’ is just another of those groups that fits a bright fresh concept!!!! For these bright fresh BEAUTIFUL QUEENS!!!!!!

So much is happening in the QUEENDOM kpop land this August!!! I’m not complaining! Though after this month my wallet may be crying :p :p :p :p Its ok because is worth it for THESE QUEENS! But, when the girls drop the full music video we will have it for you right here on CAM’S QUEENDOM! I am ready for these QUEENS to return and to celebrate the success of their latest comeback! BECAUSE: