The 6 QUEENS of ROCKET PUNCH are back and have just dropped the music video for their latest comeback title track and new EP titled “JUICY”!!! (Which you can watch for yourself below!!!) 



Not going to lie this song is catchy! It’s one of those that the more you listen to it the more it gets stuck in my head! “JUICY JUICY JUICY!” Is already stuck in my head! Can we talk about that engrish though for juicy = juchy :p :p ;p gotta love kpop engrish! Now why when I listened to it though did I think of Austin&Ally and the soup commercial they did with the song “soup soup soup soup” 
Just a little Disney Channel reference there :p 
The song also has definite Bubblegum pop vibes. On first listen and watch of the music video it instantly reminded me of Red Velvet’s “Rookie” in song style and music video aesthetic. 


Now though I don’t follow these girls dedicatedly, I do love their music. I really enjoyed and listened to their previous comeback track “Bouncy” 
And I did speculate how they could join these two EP’s RED + BLUE PUNCH together to make a full album “PURPLE PUNCH”!!! Still waiting to see that!!! :p Nonetheless this seems to be a fantastic comeback for the girls. They do seem to be a really underrated group. I don’t hear too many people raving about these girls.
I mean they are stunning!!!!!!!! 
We can just hope and watch the career of these girls and see if they ever breakout into mass fame and acknowledgment. These QUEENS are talented there’s no denying that. I just feel they aren’t promoted in the best of ways to capitalize on their talents. They do live in the same company as Eunbi from I*ZONE so some fans have speculated whether or not when ‘I*ZONE’ is finished as a full group whether the company will add EUNBI too the line up to add some star power and a girl with some fame to the group to get more fans interested in the group? I mean look at the picture below of Rocket Punch, with Eunbi and Kim Chaweon from I*ZONE they do look more like a power group!!!! Perhaps even Chaewon would be a good fit for the group?!?!?! Make it an 8 member group??!?! Will adding members to the group help or hinder them? (topic for a video ???)  ^_______^
I guess we’ll only have to wait and see what the future has in store for ‘Rocket Punch’ 
As they continue promoting in the K-pop world! I can only hope for their success and acknowledgment in the kpop industry! It’s not the only group that people speculate whether a new member will be added to the group once I*ZONE is finished! Similar Everglow fans speculate whether or not Choi Yena will be added to Everglow once I*ZONE is finished! Perhaps I need to do a post or video on post I*ZONE member predictions?!?!?
I’m getting distracted by I*ZONE now! I did never get to talk about their most recent comeback “Secret story of the SWAN” what a BOP!!!!
 :p Back to Rocket Punch QUEENS! Because they are QUEENS! Their new album “Blue Punch” is available on all major music platforms! Stream their EP and their music video to support these QUEENS! 
Because only