The 5 QUEENS of “BRAVE GIRLS” have shocked the kpop fans by announcing their upcoming comeback!!! On twitter, they just recently announced that they’d be making their first comeback in 6 MONTHS!!!! Since the release of “Rollin” Which was and still is a total BOP!!!!!

Now the girls didn’t give too much away song-wise or concept-wise, the only detail they’ve revealed via the image below that they tweeted! is the COMEBACK DATE scheduled for August 14th, 2020!!!!!

Brave Girls is notorious for being one of the most overlooked and underrated girl groups in history! Managed by brave brothers the girls have undergone many group line up changes since their debut back in the day with “Do You Know”

The girls have had many different numbers of members from 5 to 7 back to 5, the management of brave ent concerning the safety of the girls has also been called into question numerous times so its a surprise to see these QUEENS back!!!!

 These QUEENS are obviously known for their sexy concepts! So I predict that this is what they’ll continue with for the upcoming comeback!!!! If they tweet anything else regarding this comeback or release a music video teaser or any information about the upcoming comeback! I will post it for you right here on Cam’s QUEENDOM! So excited to see these QUEEN’s comeback! Let’s see if they can get the attention and love they truly deserve!!!!! QUEENS!! 


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