JYP releases comeback song & WHEN WE DISCO& Duets with SUNMI!!!




Now though the featured artist J.Y.PARK is releasing this song it does feature as a duet single with the QUEEN herself SUNMI! J.Y.PARK & SUNMI just dropped the music video for their duet single titled “When We Disco” which you can watch for yourself below!!!




Now obviously, with this being a QUEENDOM, we focus more on SUNMI! The GODDESS & QUEEN that she is! Take me back to her concert last year! 😮 However, I have always had major respect for JYP he has created some of the best K-pop girl groups in history ‘Wonder Girls’ of which SUNMI originated, ‘MISS A’ and ‘Twice’ known as the nation’s girl group! So this man knows what he’s doing in the kpop industry! He produces a lot of the music we know and love from Wonder Girls,  Miss A, Twice, and now NiziU so it’s only just that we pay him respects as the KING behind these QUEENS!!!! So many legendary groups here! I miss Miss A and Wonder Girls ❤ 



I mean let’s not forget THIS ICONIC SONG!





Now before I get to sidetrack by all of JYP ents amazing QUEENS and their iconic bops, let’s get back to “WHEN WE DISCO”!





I really love the vibes of this song, and what JYP has produced here. With it being a DISCO inspired track, it really suits both JYP’s and SUNMI’s aesthetics! The chorus is super catchy “When we DISCO” and I love the choreography, its something I imagine not being too difficult to learn which would make it universally appealing as anyone can pick up the dance moves and dance along!  I also love the story of this video, its cool to see music videos attain some kind of story! Showing some kind of history between Sunmi and JYP. If you look back 10 years it’s been more than that since the original debut of ‘Wonder Girls’ with their iconic BOP “Irony” Which is still covered by so many girl groups today *cough cough* produce 101 *cough!*









So to see the relationship JYP still has with the original wonder girls members like SUNMI is so nice to see that he still wants to work with them ❤ Obviously since SUNMI recently came back as well with her newest single “Parapipam” 






I just hope she gets a rest after all this promotion! QUEENS DESERVE REST!!! I cant wait to see the live performances of these two together on stage!!! A KING AND A QUEEN!!! I only hope for the best of success for these promotions for both JYP and SUNMI!!!! I love this pairing so much and would love them to promote more together!!!!





We also need more collabs between J.Y.PARK and other QUEENS! Imagine JYP collabing with Hyuna! or Jessie or Lee Hyori! These are the things we NEED IN LIFE!!! (Make sure you listen to the song available on Spotify and Itunes!)