Oh My Girl X Pororo release “Bara Bam” Music Video

The 7 QUEENS of OH MY GIRL have once again partnered with the Pororo brand to release a new music video! Titled “Bara Bam”!!!! (Which you can watch for yourself below!!!!)

As expected on par with their previous releases with the Pororo brand, the song is super cute in sound and aesthetic! It is crazy to think that despite the girls being 7 years into their career they can still pull off such youthful and aegyo aesthetics!!!

This is a great deal for OHMYGIRL as the Pororo brand is super well known and beloved within Korea, as not only is it a cartoon its also on many snack brands! This gives the girls more acknowledgement and attention from fans in Korea. By promoting the brand they are also promoting themselves as a group and just how talented and fresh they are!!!

In turn of the girls promoting Pororo the pororo characters also promoted one of OHMYGIRL’s songs, with a music video for “Banana Allergy Monkey” and despite the mixed reviews I personally still love this song ❤ Its crazy addictive. The characters look so damn cute doing the choreography to the dance, it almost reminds me of Alvin and The Chipmunks, how they covered many different songs, perhaps the company is considering this for the brand?

I hope that this will give the song and the girls even more attention and success, as mentioned I loved the song from its release, I still hope that the sub-unit will promote more, as it seems as though brands love the song!!!!

Who Knows how many songs the girls will release with Pororo, I’ve tried to look up details about the contract and what the brand deal means for OH MY GIRL, but haven’t found too much yet! However i definitely feel this deal is benefiting both parties sufficiently!!! The girls also previously released the song “SUPA DUPA” with Pororo!

Which just shows the clear working relationship that the QUEENS have with the Pororo brand! It just backs up what amazing brand representatives the girls can be, and how multi talented the girls are! STAN OHMYGIRL! STAN THESE QUEENS!!

If the girls release any more songs with Pororo we will post them for you right here on Cam’s QUEENDOM! These girls are pure QUEENS and if you dont yet listen to their music please give them a listen!!! Noticing on their main Spotify page the girls have released a new track titled “Tear Rain”! Which is their newest Japanese single! (But perhaps thats another post!)

It’s amazing to see the girls continue promoting, I hope to see them make another comeback soon! since their previous release “NONSTOP!” Which is still a BOP! Look at me fanboying again over these girls! I have a few of their albums part of me still wants “Banana Allergy Monkey” and others! :p Their discography is just PERFECT ❤ I highly encourage you to listen to their music on whatever platform you use!!! These QUEENS will not disappoint you!!!