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I have been a kpop girl group stan for 10 years! I got in kpop back in 2010 when I fell in love with F(x), Girls Generation and 2EN1

I am a feminist, and truly support women in the music industry. I also have a goal to start a podcast alongside this blog which will be loaded here each time a new episode is posted!!!!

I also plan to start posting Kpop dance covers of girl group tracks and these will be posted here! My main goal is to join a Kpop cover group! Hopefully through this blog that can happen and I can document that journey as-well!!!! Dancing has been in my blood and have done so since i was young.

Combining my passions for music and dance espeically within Kpop in this blog, will be my place to fanboy and share my love for the genre and what it does for my life as a fan.

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