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Hyo’s comeback to feature GIDLES Soyeon!!!

The Queen herself Hyoyeon or HYO has dropped the official teaser for her comeback song “Dessert” (Watch it for yourself below!!!) These are the types of collaborations I love seeing! Especially so much so that Hyoyeon is my Girls Generation bias & Soyeon is my GIDLE bias, The fact that both are rap queens I can feel that this song […]

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SM ENTERTAINMENT RELEASES ORCHESTRAL VERSION OF “RED FLAVOUR” SM ENTERTAINMENT’s latest project is finally here! Now known as their “SM CLASSICS’ label for orchestra versions of classic SM ENTERTAINMENT songs from groups such as Red Velvet, Girls Generation, Shinee, EXO, etc. have released their first track partnering with the SOEUL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA to produce orchestral versions of these iconic songs. […]

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HYO to make a comeback with "Dessert"

HYO TO MAKE A COMEBACK WITH “DESSERT”!!! Now, for me even researching Hyo’s (Hyoyeon’s) instagram and Twitter pages mot much has been given away about the song yet. No music video teasers released, however the song is slated to be released on the 22nd August! So next Wednesday!!   Hyo is joining the July rush of comebacks Coming back at a Similar […]