This is ‘THE KQR’ a blog dedicated to reporting, and celebrating but also dishing the tea on the latest news, rumours and discussions about Girl Groups and artists in Kpop!!! Basically talented women in the Kpop inudstry! QUEENS of course!


Not Only do we report on the latest news and rumours regarding comebacks, and artists. But I also hope to post interesting discussion posts that debate about kpop artists/releases/songs etc.

I have listened to Kpop for a longtime. Since 2011 for a matter of fact! So coming up to 10 years!!! The first groups I got into were Girls Generation, F(x) and 2NE1! Queens across the board! And from that moment I never expected Kpop to stay with me into 2021!!!

Female vocalist, and artists have always held a special place in my heart, i guess I’m living my best alphabet mafia or LGBTQ+ community, I do identify as queer, or bi-sexual/gay Its fluid :)! So I feel Im drawn to supporting female artists, and always have been throughout my life, even before I discovered Kpop!

Kpop has also been such a big impact on my life! It has gotten me through many tough mental health moments, as I struggle with depression and anxiety, and has been one of the main sources I reach to for comfort and happiness.

I have made some of my closest friends from my university days through our combined passion for kpop! We collect Kpop albums, I have been to concerts and hope to go to more and document these experiences in the future!

I rrecently ealised that I wanted to share my passion for music and Kpop in particular, but also to meet new people and potential friends who also love and adore KPOP as much as I do!

I hope that through this blog/twitter and other social media (potentially tik tok & Youtube) and a planned discord community. That I will and whoever may come across this blog will be able to connect to new people and find a community of people that love, stan and appreciate how much not only kpop but music has had an impact on their lives in general!

I will load a social media page where you will be able to find links to all these future socials!

Who knows what the future has in store for this blog?!?!? I may be cross linking it with a Youtube Channel for embedded video content, but we shall cross that bridge when it comes to it!

Im just excited to meet new kpop stans, and show the love for what an amazing genre of music and. what some of these queens have truly done for me in my life!!!